YouMe is an organic hair and skin care brand that offers products that don't agitated or ruin your skin. These organic products are made with 100% organic ingredients leaving you with a natural remarkable sent. These are inexpensive products that won't leave your pockets empty.

African black soap

African black soap R150

African black soap is famous for it's strong qualities to fight acne prone skin. You can use on your skin and hair. 

Our oils

All oils R45

We offer body and skin oils such as Coconut oil, Castor oil, Olive oil, Alma oil, Argan oil. These oils can be applied as a hot oil treatment on your tresses. Our Coconut oil can be used on your skin for smooth shiny finish. 

Coffee scrub

Coffee scrub R150

Coffee has been known to keep you awake on a busy day but it has other well known benefits such as reducing the risk of Alzheimer and ageing. Our coffee scrub is infused with coconut oil and helps remove dead skin from your body. Need a relaxing pamper night with a hot bath and a smell of coffee on your body, our coffee scrub is just what you need. 

Contact Details

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Instagram @youme_za or email us on or Message us on 0670027789

Our Fro kit

Fro kit for R250

This our fro kit. This includes a conditioner, coconut oil and shea butter. If you have a wash day coming up we suggest you use our fro kit to relieve you of the hard work that comes with washing your hair. 


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